Joe Biden Speaks At McCain’s Memorial Service, Sends Trump A Terrifying Message

Trump will never forget this moment, no matter how hard he tries.

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Even after Republican Senator John McCain’s death, Donald Trump remained a petty imbecile and continued to insult the American war hero. Not only did Trump smack down a prepared White House statement honoring McCain as a “hero,” but Trump also raised the White House flag prematurely in a blatant show of disrespect.

Today, the nation mourned as McCain’s memorial service took place and the Senator’s colleagues attended on his behalf, showering him with praise for his contributions and service to the country. One of the most notable moments was former Vice President Joe Biden’s moving eulogy honoring McCain’s life. And without even mentioning the president’s name, Biden managed to absolutely destroy Trump in a way that no one could ignore.

CNN correspondent Jamie Gangel couldn’t help but remark on the speech:


I also thought Joe Biden’s eulogy was extraordinary because it seemed to me, it was on three levels. It was a eulogy to comfort his family and his friends, a eulogy to celebrate the man and his legacy, but I also think it had a third audience, that was Donald Trump. So many of the things that he talked about, about John McCain, respect, dignity, civility, bipartisanship, they are just that much more potent in this day and age.”

David Gergen also remarked that because Biden’s speech was so profound, many will wonder if he’s planning to run against Trump in 2020. Gergen said:

In the middle, he came alive. There was a place he was speaking from deep conviction. You said, that’s the old Joe Biden, the energy, but the anger and almost the disgust. He didn’t want to express in those words, but you could tell about his feelings, what’s happening to the country. I thought that gave great power to his eulogy.”

If you watched Biden’s eulogy, you can’t help but agree. Biden paid homage to McCain’s values and bipartisanship, which this country is greatly missing thanks to Trump. In his speech, Biden also spoke of McCain’s fight against abuses of power, signaling that this was why Trump and McCain were often at odds. Biden said:

He’d part company with you, if you lacked the basic values of decency, respect, knowing this project is bigger than yourself. John’s story is an American story. It’s not hyperbole. It’s the American story. Grounded in respect and decency. Basic fairness.

The intolerance through the abuse of power. Many of you travel the world, look how the rest of the world looks at us. They look at us a little naive, so fair, so decent. We are the naive Americans. That’s who we are. That’s who John was. He could not stand the abuse of power. Wherever he saw it, in whatever form, in whatever country. He always loved basic values, fairness, honesty, dignity, respect, giving hate no safe harbor, leaving no one behind and understanding Americans were part of something much bigger than ourselves.”

Biden’s words are a powerful testament to McCain’s life, and we all know that Trump was watching and probably needed his entire team to keep him from blowing up. You can watch the full eulogy below:

No one will be surprised if Trump’s next Twitter attack just happens to be at Biden.

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