China Strikes Back At Trump, Tells Him To Screw Himself, Internet Goes Insane

Trump's own constituents love seeing him get smacked down by other countries.

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Continuing his habit of being unable to keep America’s relationships with other countries intact, Trump went after China recently, spending today blasting the Chinese government for putting North Korea under “tremendous pressure” and derailing U.S.–North Korea relations.

On Twitter, the president made statements that he “feels strongly that North Korea is under tremendous pressure from China because of our major trade disputes with the Chinese Government.” Trump seriously needs to learn not to speak, because he only inspired China to respond with a stronger statement, hilariously insulting his “distortion of facts and logic” and begging Trump to fix his own country before meddling in others. Hua Chunying, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, responded:

The U.S.’s irresponsible distortion of facts and logic is world-leading and really not something the ordinary person can understand. We hope the US can act on their promises and, like the Chinese, play a positive, constructive and responsible role in settling the Korean Peninsula issue. To solve the problem, it should look at itself first and reflect rather than shifting blame.”

Ouch. This isn’t the first time China has totally owned Trump. One other epic time that Trump was brutally insulted by China dates back to 2016, when China (literally) gave president-elect Trump the bird:


The Trump rooster had everything from Trump’s hair to tiny wings, representing the president’s tiny hands and gestures. Replicas of the bird were even being sold. And if this weren’t bad enough, Americans LOVED it. Once pictures of the Trump rooster started circulating, the internet went insane and couldn’t stop calling the images “hilarious” and calling Trump a “huge c*ck.”

Trump regularly gets humiliated by other countries for his stupidity, but China certainly has the most memorable comebacks.

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