Reporters Are Shocked After Trump’s Security Throws Them Out For Asking A Question He Didn’t Like

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Donald Trump has been on an absolute TEAR when it comes to insisting that the world is out to get him. The last week has been essentially a non-stop tweetstorm of wild accusations, ridiculous comments, and idiotic demands. He’s threatened to fire his Attorney General, told television networks who they should fire at his suggestion, and repeated a long-debunked conspiracy theory about the origins of the Russia probe ad nauseum.

But what’s most fascinating about this time around — because let’s face it, he’ll do it again next week — is one little tidbit that got lost in the maelstrom of Trump’s temper: He’s still hanging on to that whole thing about Obama “tapping his wires” at Trump Tower.

Yes, really.


This is liable to remind people of other nonsense he’s hung on to, like his insistence even just a few years ago that the five young men of color who were wrongfully convicted, then exonerated through DNA evidence, in the Central Park Jogger case nearly 30 years ago couldn’t possibly be innocent. It is my firm belief that to this day he remains a “birther” in regard to Barack Obama. But nothing really sticks out like the “wiretapping” claim he made, because at least Barack Obama and the Central Park Five exist — there was never any explanation, proof, or even disputed report out about the former President wiretapping Trump Tower. Donald Trump made it up out of thin air.

And he’s still holding on to it.

Remember how angry he got when people questioned him back in March of 2017 when he made the claim initially? He once completely ignored reporters’ questions, stone-eyed, and had ABC’s chief White House correspondent Jon Karl “ushered” out of the Roosevelt Room for asking one too many times:

Even the video doesn’t quite cover it:

And Jon wasn’t the only one that noticed:

Touchy, Mr. President. Barack Obama may not have been surveilling you then, but the eyes of the world are on you now.

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