Iran IT Minister Makes Fun Of Trump With A Selfie Over Rocket Explosion Tweet

Oh, look. He lied again.

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Donald Trump wants everyone to know what a bigshot he is and he doesn’t much care what rules he breaks to do so — right down to the ones regarding this nation’s national security.

It makes sense, really. He’s a narcissistic douche canoe whose ego somehow manages to overshadow even the size of his enormous backside. He weaseled his way into the presidency, courtesy of Vladimir Putin and the force of the Russian government, and he wants every man, woman, and child around to world to know precisely what the means to him — he thinks can do whatever the hell he wants.

If you’re wondering why I’m explaining all of this, here’s why: As a result of Trump’s narcissistic bullshit, he tweeted a satellite image yesterday of a launch site accident in Iran, breaking all kinds of national security protocol. Because, as my editor stated, you can damn near read the license plates in the picture, y’all.


Of course, with the photo came Trump’s typical know-it-all behavior — spouting off at the mouth as though he was actually informed and educated on the goings-on of the situation when, in reality, he had not the slightest clue what he was popping off about.

But never fear — as usual, someone was along shortly to bust Trump out on his bullshit for the umpteenth time of his presidency.

This time, it was Iran’s IT minister, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi.

Trump indicated in his tweet that Tehran’s prized satellite, Nahid I, was involved in the catastrophe. So the Information and Communications Technology Minister decided to do a little trolling of know-it-all Trump, tweeting out a photo of himself with the satellite, stating, “Me and Nahid I right now, Good Morning Donald Trump!”

We’re not even surprised when Donald gets caught in some bullshit anymore. But good Lord, a good trolling never gets old.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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