Iowa’s Biggest Newspaper Gave The GOP The Biggest F*ck You Of All For 2020

This is a BIG deal.

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Now that the midterms are over and the Republican Party saw major losses and lost the House of Representatives to Democrats, the GOP is seeing even more proof of how badly they’ve f*cked up with Donald Trump and their terrible leadership. With the next milestone being the 2020 election, America is clearly choosing sides — and it’s not looking pretty for the Republican Party.

It’s bad enough that major historically Republican donors are now embracing Democrats, sickened by how the GOP has transformed under Trump. The media’s own response to the Trump administration – rightfully so – has been vicious thanks to the president’s constant attacks, First Amendment threats, and “fake news” accusations. A perfect example of what is happening thanks to Trump could be seen with the Des Moines Register’s decision to head far away from the GOP.

The Des Moines Register is Iowa’s biggest newspaper, and the paper endorsed Democrats across the board before the midterms.


The Register’s editorial board also issued a scathing defense of their all-Dem endorsement on the newspaper’s website, blasting the entire Republican Party. The entire tone of the piece can be summed up like this:

In becoming the party of Trump, the Republicans have forsaken traditional conservatism and given voters no rational alternative to the Democrats. The party needs to be voted out of power and spend a few years becoming again the party of Lincoln, not the party of Trump.”

Ouch. But that’s hardly the worst of it. The Register basically pointed out every single Republican failure over the last two years, resulting in a list that would make any honorable POTUS ashamed. The piece outlines:

The Republican majority in Congress tried and failed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act without offering a plan of their own that a majority of their own members — let alone a majority of the American people — could support. Instead, they have allowed the system to become increasingly unstable, leading to a lack of competition and rising premiums.

Republicans in Congress have not only failed at comprehensive immigration reform, but their action allowed protection to expire on young, undocumented Americans brought here as children. They haven’t even fully funded President Trump’s border wall. They stood by as the administration tried to bar Muslims from certain countries from entering the United States. They looked the other way as the administration shocked and dismayed the nation by separating young children from their parents at the border, holding them in detention and losing track of some of the kids.

Republicans promised fiscal responsibility, yet they have punted on putting the nation back on sound financial footing. Their one major legislative success, the 2017 tax cut, is projected to add $1.9 trillion to the debt. This, after Republicans howled endlessly about the comparatively meager deficits created during the Obama administration. The Congressional Budget Office said in August that these tax cuts and spending increases would become ‘unsustainable’ if extended. But the House GOP, including Iowa’s three Republican representatives, voted last month for another $3.8 trillion in tax cuts.”

The Register also condemned spineless conservatives for failing to keep the president in check:

The Republican majority has twiddled its thumbs while President Trump started a trade war with China, imposing tariffs and provoking retaliation that is hurting Iowa farmers by threatening export markets. They have even allowed the Farm Bill to expire, leaving town without resolving differences.

Not only has the party failed to act as a check on the president, key Republicans have been complicit in trying to obstruct and undermine the investigation of a foreign power’s interference in a U.S. election. And by their silence they have tacitly endorsed the president’s racism, misogyny, white nationalism, divisiveness and crudity.”

It was one of the most brutal critiques of the GOP yet, but one that was fully deserved. If Trump and the GOP doesn’t shape up before 2020, we’re going to be seeing a hell of a lot more of this.

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