Trump Freaks Out On Reporter In Oval Office For Asking “Very Rude” Question

Did he really just do this?!

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Donald Trump is extremely sensitive about being asked questions about his buddy Russian President Vladimir Putin these days, and that could not have been more obvious than what Trump did in the Oval Office today while meeting with reporters.

As Trump had engaged in a long phone conversation with Putin earlier today, it was only natural that the media would like to be able to report what happened on that call to the American people. Unfortunately, Trump was terribly triggered by that topic.

While in the Oval Office, a reporter decided to ask the president whether or not he told his BFF Putin not to interfere in the United States’ elections, only to have the president freak out and tell them “you are very rude.” This only prompted more reporters to chime in and demand an answer from the president, eventually forcing him to respond:


We didn’t discuss that. We went into great detail on various things.”

Trump also brought up the fact that he discussed the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller with Putin, and said that the Russian president “smiled” and said, “something to the effect: it started off being a mountain and ended up being a mouse.” Trump then added that he agreed. You can watch Trump lash out at reporters below:

Trump clearly did NOT want to answer this question, and the irony of the biggest cyber bully in America calling a reporter “rude” wasn’t lost on anyone:

Trump still refuses to take Russian meddling seriously and continues to put America at risk.

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