Trump Praises Kim Jong Un After He Fires Test Missiles “I Am With Him”

That's some grade A 'negotiating,' Trump.

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On what’s turning out to be quite a crazy weekend for Donald Trump, things took a crazier-than-normal turn on his Twitter account as he once again praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un — but this time, shortly after news came out that Kim has been launching missiles once again, for the first time since 2017.

Trump has repeatedly bragged during his time as president that, thanks to him, North Korea is no longer firing their test missiles and has even gone so far as to say he should be credited for preventing a nuclear war. Yet this morning, in the wake of reports claiming that Kim is firing the missiles Trump claimed to prevent, he seems to be trying to double-down on his supposedly fantastic relationship with Jong-Un and convince the American public that he still has the upper hand while making sure that he doesn’t piss off the rocket man — tweeting “I am with him.”

“Anything in this very interesting world is possible, but I believe that Kim Jong Un fully realizes the great economic potential of North Korea, & will do nothing to interfere or end it. He also knows that I am with him & does not want to break his promise to me. Deal will happen!” Trump’s strange Twitter rant read.


For someone who claims to be such a hard-ass master negotiator, Donald has a long-running tendency to bow down to an authoritarian when things start to get sticky — relationship with American allies be damned. He’s made this more than clear in virtually every interaction he’s ever had with Vladimir Putin. He likes to talk a big game, but when someone with any power challenges him, he tucks his tail and pees under the table.

He seems to be treating our government as a prison experience — find the biggest, baddest, most powerful in the yard and kiss their ass so everyone else won’t pick on you.

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