Internet Reacts After Trump’s New Press Secretary Says “Trump Is Not A Liar”

Wonder where she learned that nonsense from?

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Stephanie Grisham is getting quite the royal treatment inside of Donald Trump’s White House as she’s nabbed herself a total of three different job titles within the administration — most likely because they just can’t find anyone else willing to work for that clusterfuck of a circus they call a presidential administration.

But nevertheless, Grisham is now on the payroll as Donald’s newest White House press secretary (after the resignation of Sarah Huckabee Sanders) and new communications director, as well as keeping her position as communications director to First Lady Melania Trump.

However, if you had been holding out hope that Grisham may not turn out to be the complete idiotic Trump sycophant that Sanders was, it’s time to stop holding your breath now. Because honestly, she’s just as bad.


The Washington Post recently did a profile on Grisham in her newest capacities in which they outlined her approach to the new gig — and ultimately, she’s not a damn bit better than her predecessor, she just has a few more DUIs.

WaPo took the opportunity to question Grisham on her thoughts about the press and, well, based on her answer, Trump is the perfect boss for her:

“Do I believe that their coverage is slanted and biased? Yes,” Grisham stated. “I’ve seen it with my own eyes. A majority of reporters are liberal. A lot of reporters are uncomfortable with him and his blunt way of speaking. I think this is the first time they’ve been so publicly called out for some of their behaviors and their instinct is to fight back rather than take a step back.”

The news publication went on to ask Grisham whether or not she thinks that the president lies and her answer was a very short, to the point one: “No.”

She went on to state, “I don’t think they’re lies”

“I think the president communicates in a way that some people, especially the media, aren’t necessarily comfortable with,” Grisham continued. “A lot of times they take him so literally. I know people will roll their eyes if I say he was just kidding or was speaking in hypotheticals, but sometimes he is. What I’ve learned about him is that he loves this country and he’s not going to lie to this country.”

The new press secretary then wrapped things up by making a promise to always tell the truth. “I’m always going to do the very best I can to give the most accurate answer that I can. What I have learned is that sometimes those answers change, and that’s not necessarily because this administration is being nefarious. It’s just that things are fluid and are changing constantly.”

But folks, Twitter users were not so quick to accept her nonsensical views of the president and his “honesty”:

What’s your deal, Stephanie? Did Sarah give you a crash course in bullshit before you took her place or what?

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