Don Jr.’s Attempt To Make Fun Of Bernie Sanders Appeared To Backfire When Twitter Users Reminded Him Of His Dad’s Awkwardness

Because he has so much room to talk.

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The entire Trump family is just one huge, national embarrassment. Donald Trump himself is perhaps one of the stupidest, most awkward human beings to ever walk the Earth while simultaneously destroying an entire country, and his spawns are no different.

For people that are so painfully unpleasant, they sure are an arrogant bunch, to boot — jumping on every opportunity they can find to make fun of, berate, abuse, and attack whoever finds themselves on their ever-growing shit list for the day.

And today that happened to be Vermont senator and 2020 Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders — who dimwit Donald Trump Jr. thought he could get a few jabs in on.


Recently, the 77-year-old presidential candidate visited the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky where he decided to throw a few swings at a speed bag.

In case you’ve never messed with one of those things before, they can be a bit tricky, and Sanders ultimately got hit in the face by the equipment, taking a hilariously exaggerated step backward before giving the speed bag a few more jabs.

Don Jr. came across the clip of the incident on social media and apparently thought it’d be a wonderful opportunity to poke fun at the senator and use it as an example of his “weakness.”

“This wouldn’t exactly strike fear in the minds of our adversaries. Imagine this guy sitting across the table negotiating with world leaders?” Jr. captioned the video in a tweet.

However, the best thing about the Trump family’s hatefulness and stupidity is that it never goes unchecked in the Twitter-sphere. So, while Jr. found an opportunity to be a dickbag, Twitter users found their own opportunity to remind Don of just how awkward and ridiculous he and his father are:

Seriously dude, just stop.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery

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