George H.W. Bush’s True Feelings About Trump Revealed, Should Make For An Interesting Funeral

I never would have expected this from George H.W. Bush.

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This morning, Donald Trump will be attending a funeral he truly doesn’t deserve to – the funeral of former President George H.W. Bush, who passed last week. Trump had criticized Bush and his family quite a bit, and yet the Bush family decided to extend a kindness to Trump that would never be returned. Not wanting to stiff the sensitive, childish POTUS, the Bushes invited the president to the funeral, and are likely praying he doesn’t do anything stupid.

To show just how big of a gesture this was by the Bush family, it’s now being reported how Bush REALLY felt about Trump. Apparently, the former president had once cursed him out and even threw a shoe at the television when he saw Trump come on.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd gave an interview to Morning Joe earlier today and said that when she had interviewed Bush, the former president was very honest about how he felt about Trump. Dowd said:


I asked him ‘What do you think of this Trump birther thing?’ And he just said…am I allowed to say that word on air?… He said, you know, in essence, ‘he’s a jerk’ — with a different word.”

Dowd also added that while Bush has been described as polite and respectable by those honoring his life and legacy, Trump brought out a different side of him. Apparently, the mere sight of the undeserving POTUS could make Bush lose his mind. Dowd explained:

I heard later that he was throwing a shoe at the television set when Trump came on.”

You can watch the interview below:

This is particularly interesting because several years ago, an Iraqi reporter actually threw a shoe at Bush’s son, George W. Bush, when he was president. Things seem to come around full circle one way or another!

Anyway, the news of Bush’s true feelings about Trump definitely adds another layer to the Bush family’s decision to invite the president. Hopefully, Trump doesn’t mess this up.

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