Trump Arrives For Bush Funeral, Sits Next To Past Presidents, The Look Michelle Obama Gives Him Is Priceless

This moment will define Trump.

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Today, the country is continuing its mourning of former president George H.W. Bush, as his funeral takes place in National Cathedral. Many prominent figures are in attendance to pay their respects to the former POTUS, including Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Two other people also got an invite — Donald and Melania Trump — but that’s not because they meant something to the Bush family. In fact, George H.W. Bush didn’t like Trump at all and once threw a shoe at the television when he saw Trump come on. Not to mention, Trump has criticized the Bush family routinely. However, the Bush family has extended kindness to Trump, not wanting to stiff the president and invited him and First Lady Melania.

But just because the Bush family was in a gracious mood doesn’t mean that the Trumps belong at this funeral — and many certainly agree. A certain exchange between Trump and Michelle Obama, which was rushed online by ABC News, perfectly sums up how everyone feels about Trump’s presence at the funeral.


In the short clip, the former First Lady shakes hands with Trump, and the look on her face is pure disgust and the knowledge that Trump doesn’t belong there. In the clip, you can also see 2016 presidential candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s reaction to Trump — which is to completely ignore him. She doesn’t even look at him! You can watch this moment below:

Hopefully, Trump knows that he’s only there because of the graciousness of the Bush family and acts respectfully. Although to be honest, that is nearly impossible for Trump.

Featured image via screen capture

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