Rudy Giuliani Reacts To Mueller’s Decision On Michael Flynn, Makes You Wonder How He Got Through Law School

This is insanity.

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Earlier tonight, Special Counsel Robert Mueller dropped a bombshell on America when he revealed the sentence filing for Donald Trump’s former national security advisor, Michael Flynn — and what this could mean for Trump is striking.

Mueller has told a federal court that Flynn gave “substantial assistance” to the Russia investigation, and for his cooperation, he shouldn’t get any jail time. Considering the fact that Flynn gave 19 interviews to aid Mueller in the president’s Russia scandal, there’s definitely reason to believe that Flynn gave up some very damaging information to escape jail time.

Mueller reported Flynn’s help “on a range of issues, including interactions between individuals in the Presidential Transition Team and Russia.” Prosecutors wrote:


His early cooperation was particularly valuable because he was one of the first people with long-term and firsthand insight regarding events and issues under investigation. Additionally, the defendant’s decision to plead guilty and cooperate likely affected the decisions of related firsthand witnesses to be forthcoming with the (special counsel’s office) and cooperate.”

This is major. And judging from one of the first reactions to come from Trump’s team, this is not going well. Trump’s unhinged lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, reacted to Mueller’s announcement by trying to pretend it was no big deal. He said:

There’s a Yiddish word that fits. They don’t have bubkes. If he had information to share with Mueller that hurt the president, you would know it by now.”

It should be noted that Giuliani is not Jewish, and the term “bubkes” actually means goat/horse droppings. ANYWAY, we all know what happens when Trump and his team downplay something: the other shoe drops. If the Trump administration isn’t taking this seriously, they’re making a big mistake.

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