Fox Poll Found Americans Believe Trump’s Tweets Were Racist, But Fox News Didn’t Cover It

They didn't even cover their OWN POLL.

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It’s become a sort of inside joke for Trump and his supporters at this point. The casual everyday racism they exchange as currency has been reduced to a wink and a nod to let the other know they’re in friendly company — yes, you can tell that joke in front of me, no, I won’t be offended if you talk about the way people from that country drive, or the volume with which people of this color speak at the movies.

It’s unspoken still, but we’re very near to the point where they can simply be open about it. I really don’t think I’m far off when I postulate that we could very well soon be seeing passionate “intellectual” defenses of businesses that want to put up “whites only” signs in the window.

I say only “very near” because we’re still at a point where more than half of people still feel some sort of shame and can recognize racism as something perhaps more subtle than a giant green goblin snarling out the N-word three times a sentence.


And how do I know that? Well, I learned it from Fox News, of course!

I don’t think any of their viewers did, but then, I didn’t learn it by watching Fox — because the polling that Fox did that proved a sizable majority of Americans thought Trump’s racist tweets about “the Squad” were, um, racist… It didn’t get covered on the news. By the network that ordered it.

In fact, Fox DID cover some of the polling data from their latest round of questions for Joe and Jane American: Job approval and the economy, as measured by the stock market (a worthless measure, but one the President loves nonetheless). Clearly the President was watching, too:

They did not, however, cover the part of the poll where a vast majority said that Democrats would be better geared to address racial inequality, race relations, handling health care, controlling immigration, and dealing with for policy and even “bringing the country together.”

But more than anything else that might piss Trump off if Fox reported it, the poll found that a sizable majority of Americans think that Trump is a racist, is bad at race relations, doesn’t respect racial minorities, and yes, tweeted racist remarks about “The Squad.”

That’s not to say that Fox didn’t bring up the polling. They just didn’t bring up any of the parts that made Democrats look good or Trump look bad.

Because they’re, you know… Fair and balanced.

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