Trump Just Gave Ivanka Credit For Jobs, Even Ones That Occurred During The Years Obama Was President

Yea. It's doesn't work like that.

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Today Donald Trump and his administration are celebrating the one year anniversary of Donald’s “Pledge to America’s Workers” — a promise made by Trump, signed by over 300 companies and organizations, to contribute to new education and training opportunities for America’s students and workers in an attempt to increase the job market and decrease unemployment.

The celebration was attended by Donald’s daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump, along with many other White House officials.

“Our mission is straightforward: to ensure inclusive growth and opportunity in our booming economy by creating pathways for all Americans, regardless of age or background, to acquiring the skills needed to secure and retain high-paying jobs,” Ivanka Trump said in a statement regarding the Pledge.


However, while tons of companies have signed this pledge that’s intended to improve job opportunities for millions of Americans, the truth of the business is, it’s not actually working at all.

For one, the Pledge to America’s Workers can have all of the signatures in the world. They don’t mean squat if nothing is being done to enforce those signatures and Trump’s administration has done next to nothing to ensure that those pledge signatures actually turn into education, training, or job opportunities for the American people.

Furthermore, the administration has completely undone the Department of Labor’s Overtime Rule preventing millions of American workers from receiving the pay that they earned. They’ve clocked efforts to increase the national minimum wage at every turn, and they’ve cost working Americans more than a quarter of their retirement savings. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

But of course, Trump’s epic failure is doing nothing to stop him from giving Ivanka all the credit for job growth that neither she nor his administration had a damn thing to do with. Donald is giving his spoiled, wasite of a good trust fund daughter credit for jobs that were not only started under the Obama administration but job growth that actually took place while Obama was still president, as well.

” I think I’m allowed to be proud of my daughter,” Trump stated as he praised his daughter for something she didn’t even do. “So thank you, honey.”

Honestly, we’re not even surprised. God knows this is far from the first time Trump has attempted to take credit for an Obama win.

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