Republican Lawmaker Walks Out Of Hearing On House Floor After Getting Criticized By Democratic Colleague

This is a hissy fit of Trump proportions!

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While Donald Trump hasn’t been quite so vocal about it, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s recent testimony is far from the only thing he has to worry about.

In the hustle and bustle of everything, amid multiple new scandals such as E. Jean Carroll’s rape accusations against Trump as well as his long-time association with child rapist Jeffrey Epstein, it’s easy to forget that Donald and his administration, along with those bratty children of his, are still in a lot of hot water over their security clearances and use of personal email accounts to conduct sensitive government business.

It was revealed earlier this year that Trump’s daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump was not only granted a high level of security clearance against the advice of top national security officials, but the couple was busted using personal email and WhatsApp accounts to conduct government business without ever handing over copies of the transcripts — and then the whole gang of them schemed and lied about the ordeal.


While the American public may have begun to forget about this particular Trump family scandal, and Donald himself certainly seems to believe he’s got much bigger fish to fry, the House Oversight Committee is still chugging right along.

Yesterday, the Committee held a hearing to vote to subpoena the emails that Ivanka sent from her personal email account conducting government business — and one GOP lawmaker was big mad about it.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) threw himself a big ole Trump-worthy hissy fit in front of the committee, attempting to chide Congress for spending too much money while simultaneously berating them for not giving the Republicans more money for their ridiculous border wall.

“We’re not doing anything to stop and deal with the problems we’ve got with cartels managing the border!” Roy whined. “And we’re sitting here in a fishing expedition for emails about a law that’s being complied with.”

The GOP lawmaker wrapped up his tantrum by attacking both the Democrats and Congress as a whole:

“While there are people right now facing attacks from cartels, dealing with it on a daily basis, and we get smirks and we get requests for emails from people in the White House! This is the face of the Democratic Party! This is the face of your Congress today, America!” he howled.

“I do just want to say shame on my colleague from Texas,” Democratic Representative George Connolly replied, as Roy got up and stormed out of the room. To which one woman can be heard stating that he’s “taking his ball and going home.”

For the Republicans to consider themselves the “tough” party, they sure do throw a hell of a lot of temper tantrums.

You can watch the clip here:

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