Fox News Interrupts Trump’s Speech To Hand Down Brutal Real-Time Fact Check

That was a bold move!

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You could say it’s official: Donald Trump and his most beloved Fox News Network are on the brink of divorce. Donald and the news outlet have seemed to have more go-arounds than not lately. Donald was furious when they recently reported on real 2020 polls that reflected his loss to Joe Biden instead of his version of the polls that he wanted everyone to see and believe. And since then, their once wonderful relationship is just going downhill — fast.

Just this past weekend Donald went off on a massive Twitter tantrum against the network after their correspondent in France attempted to cover the victory of the US women’s soccer team but was bombarded by bar patrons chanting “Fuck Trump!” on live television.

And that’s not even counting the multiple other times Donald has gotten pouty at them over some stupid, childish reason or another, only for Fox to turn around and strike back by cutting his coverage — like they did yesterday.


As Donald delivered a speech in which he attempted to brag on his administration’s environmental record, not only did Fox News Host Shepard Smith (who’s considered the most liberal of the Fox News crew and is quite hated by MAGA supporters) cut Donald’s live feed, he fact-checked the president right then and there saying that those policies have been “widely criticized by environmentalists and academics.”

Not only did Smith fact-check Trump in the middle of his air time, but he also cited a source from one of Donald’s most hated news outlets, the New York Times, in which the newspaper reported that more than 80 critical environmental rules and regulations have been rolled back and/or repealed by Trump.

Shepard then went on to list some of those rollbacks and regulations right on Trump’s very own Fox News Network:

How Shepard Smith has managed to keep his job with what can only be described as a state-run network at this point, we will never know. But we’re glad he has. Someone has to hold this man accountable for his lies and destruction of our country.

Our hats go off to you, Shep.

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