Fox News Gets Humiliated When They Post Live Shot From Sports Bar Where US Fans Chant “F*ck Trump”

Well, that was a hilarious fail!

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Donald Trump and sports teams don’t typically mesh very well. The short of it is — they pretty much all hate him. No one wants to go to his stupid White House shindigs where he serves up cold fast food and racism on a silver platter. That was made strikingly clear recently when Megan Rapinoe straight up stated that if her women’s soccer team were to win the World Cup, she would not be going to the “f*cking White House.”

Rapinoe doubted that they’d even be extended an invitation, which Trump, of course, had to prove wrong by shit-talking them on Twitter and offering a spite visit. However, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did extend a warm welcome to tour Congress, which the team graciously accepted.

But now that Rapinoe’s team has nabbed the World Cup, it seems that they’re not the only ones filled with disdain for the American president and all that he stands for — and Fox News hilariously proved that while simultaneously humiliating themselves, and by default, their “leader” Donald Trump.


A bar in Lyon, France was packed with US World Cup viewers today where Fox News was covering the game. The network cut to the bar just mere moments after the US team claimed their victory but the bar patrons certainly gave Fox more than they bargained for when they began shouting “Fuck Trump!” on live television.

Fox correspondent Greg Palkot attempted to begin his report only to be interrupted by the bar’s very own bartender shouting “Fuck Trump!” To which the rest of the patrons joined in on the chant.

“We were going to be outside,” Palkot attempted to explain. “We were going to be looking at a screen with the football game. But in fact, it was canceled by officials because they were worried about security measures. The American fans came over to this sports bar.”

“It’s been a crazy time,” he sheepishly added.

Seems Rapinoe was far from the only one to think that Trump’s a heaping sack of shit.

You can watch the clip here:

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