Melania Humiliates Herself On Twitter, Congratulates The Wrong Team After US World Cup Win


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The relationship between the Trumps and the winning US women’s soccer team of the World Cup — whose captain recently proclaimed that if her team were to win the Cup this year, she would not be going to the “fucking White House” — hasn’t been a good one. Of course, Donald had to go out of his way to prove her wrong with a passive-aggressive tweet that included an offer.

But now that Rapinoe’s team has nabbed the World Cup and a bar full of patrons in France chanted “Fuck Trump!” live on Fox News, the White House family’s responses continue to be lackluster at best.

Donald himself took forever to even congratulate the team. Melania was a step ahead of her hubby with felicitations, but even she completely fucked them up when she actually offered her compliments to the wrong damn team.


“Congratulations to 2019 Women’s World Cup Champions @TeamUSA!” Melania’s tweet read, featuring a soccer ball and American flag emoji. What’s the hangup, you ask? The @TeamUSA handle belongs to the US Olympic team — not Megan Rapinoe’s soccer team who actually took home the World Cup today.

Of course, Melania got her ass properly dragged by the Twitter-sphere:

When you’re in such a highly-regarded position as the First Lady of the United States — even if you were wrongfully catapulted there by some shady Russian hacking — you would think that you could, at the very least, double-check your tweets.

Maybe Donnie will give her some coping tips for a brutal Twitter roasting. God knows he should be used to them by now.

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