Fox News Issues Major Snub To Trump, Cuts His Live Feed After He Whines About Them Treating Him Badly

How embarrassing?!

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Here lately it has seemed that Donald Trump and his beloved Fox New Network may be on the brink of divorce. We’re all painfully aware that the only source of news that Trump or his followers will consume is that of the Fox Network. But recently the conservative, Trump-loving media outlet has been calling Trump out on his bullshit, at least a little, and promoting some-what factual news rather than just perpetuating Donald’s nonsense. And let me tell you, he does not like it. Not one bit.

But it’s looking like they might not care.

Today Trump delivered a speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition, which Fox News was airing live on their network. During his address, he mentioned, to no one’s surprise, that he’s recently been watching his “favorite network” — but then quickly cut into a tangent about how the network hasn’t been as nice to him as he’d like here lately and they need to get to their act together and do a better job at making him feel good about himself instead of covering real news.


“[Fox News] doesn’t always treat me so great, by the way,” Donald whined to the audience. “They could do better. But at least they are fair!”

Evidently, Fox had heard all of his bullshit that they wanted, because shortly after his whiny statement, they cut his live feed. The host, Harris Faulkner, interjected to recap other parts of the president’s speech, including Donald’s claim that “Merry Christmas is coming back.”

Funnily enough, even Fox News is finally catching on to the treachery and deceit that is Donald Trump. It’s a bad sign for the 2020 hopeful when even the staunchest of Trump-loving networks won’t air his nonsense. Let’s hope this is a good indicator that he won’t be seeing another four years!

You can watch the clip here:

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