Former Prosecutors Say Rudy Giuliani Should Be Disbarred And Possibly Indicted

They're ALL going down!

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If this country has even the smallest shred of justice left in its bones, Donald Trump will soon be facing impeachment over his shady involvement with Ukraine — in which Trump requested that Ukraine investigate former Vice President and Democratic 2020 hopeful Joe Biden and his son’s dealings in the country — after a White House official blew the whistle on a highly questionable phone call Donald had with an undisclosed foreign leader.

But if this whole ordeal truly does come to a head in the end, it’s looking as though Trump himself isn’t the only one that will and should be looking at some severe punishment.

While we’re certain that the involvement of Donald’s administration in this particular scandal runs deep, especially that of Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence, it’s none other than Trump’s own personal attorney, Rudy Guiliani, that should truly be shaking in his boots right now.


Guiliani seems to suffer from the same ailment as his boss — an inability to keep his big, fat mouth shut — leading him to essentially spill the beans in a segment with CNN recently where he publicly admitted that he requested an investigation into Joe Biden and his son by Ukraine, in literally the same breath with which he denied it moments before.

Of course, a big mouth isn’t the only thing he got from his leader — Guiliani likes to go nuts on Twitter, as well.

“Whistleblower story, like [BrettKavanaugh story, is blowing up,” Rudy tweeted after he received an influx of backlash regarding his admission on CNN. “Now no mention of money or quid pro quo. So appropriate conduct. Now we must look at Biden  Family pattern of corruption of selling his public offices for 5 decades. Pattern of corruption enabled by Swamp.”

Rudy’s Twitter outburst garnered responses from more than one expert on the matter.

A Southern District of New York former federal prosecutor, Mimi Rocah penned a response to Guiliani on Twitter saying, “This how mafia bosses work. They make the ‘request’ & soldiers & capos (Rudy Giuliani) follow up with the demand.”

“Why is this man still a member of the NY a bar? He should not be. He is free as a [United States] citizen to make up stuff but not as member of the bar,” Rocah continued in a second tweet.

Renato Mariotti, another former federal prosecutor, shared Rocah’s views on the scandal, stating, “Giuliani falsely claims it’s ‘appropriate’ for the President to bully a foreign country into investigating his political rival. The problem with Trump’s conduct isn’t a quid pro quo. It’s the abuse of presidential power to get aid from a foreign nation in an election.”

And to top things off, University of Michigan law professor Barb McQuade weighed in as well, ultimately explaining that Guiliani could face a slew of criminal charges for his actions.

“While a sitting President cannot be indicted, Giuliani can,” she wrote. “More facts are needed, but if he brokered deal to trade dirt on Biden for foreign aid, he could be guilty of conspiracy to commit bribery. Trump would return to his familiar role as Individual 1.”

When will these fools within this administration realize that Trump will not stop until he’s taken every single one of them down in flames with him?

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