Social Media Reacts To Karen Pence’s New Twitter Account She Started To Help Trump Get Re-Elected: “You Are A Fake Christian And You Are Complicit In A Fascist Regime”

That did not turn out well for her.

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Everyone within the Trump administration is now working around the clock to ensure that Mr. Bone-Spurs-In-Chief gets another four-year term in office so he can finish his task of completely destroying this country — I suppose the first four years just isn’t quite long enough.

As a result, folks like Senator Lindsey Graham, Vice President Mike Pence, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Guiliani, and even Donald’s brood of demon spawn are putting in countless hours and burning their fingers up on their Twitter accounts in an attempt to make sure that daddy Donald doesn’t lose — because, let’s face it, things aren’t looking so good for him.

But evidently his typical list of cronies just isn’t enough to cut it lately. It seems that Trump felt like they needed an extra push of oomph to really get things going in the right direction — and that oomph came in the form of a new Twitter account for second lady Karen Pence.


Over the weekend, Karen launched a new Twitter profile with the sole purpose of campaigning for Trump’s 2020 reelection.

In the first tweet to ever grace her page, the second lady posted a video of herself, in which she nauseatingly heaped copious amounts of praise on our sorry-ass excuse for a president.

“There are probably a lot of things you don’t know about me,” Pence stated in the video as she sat demurely on some lawn furniture. “For example, I enjoy painting, I love to ride my bike and I like nothing better than reading a good book. On my new Twitter account, I will share what I’m up to when I’m not in the office at the White House.”

She then goes on to explain that she’s excited to get back on the campaign trail “to help tell the story of what President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are accomplishing in the Trump administration.”

“Now is not the time to stop the momentum,” Pence continued. “We are just getting started. So, follow along and find out why we need to keep America great.”

But apparently Karen’s hubby Mike and bossman Trump thought this would be a great opportunity for a cruel joke against the second lady (Perhaps this is Donald’s payback for footing the bill for her inaugural gown and updates to their house) because it seemed that no one warned her just how brutally she’d be destroyed by the powers that be. I.e. the internet:

Oh, sweetie, this was such a bad, bad idea.

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