Ex-prosecutor Hints Michael Cohen May Have Secretly Recorded Trump’s Kids, Tapes May Exist

This could ruin the Trump family.

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Things are about to get even worse for the Trumps. It’s bad enough that Donald Trump is already in the cross hairs of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and Trump’s kids are already facing loads of trouble. Ivanka Trump just got busted in an email scandal of her own, and Donald Trump Jr. has been in deep sh*t regarding his father’s Russia scandal for quite a while. But now, it’s being reported that things could get much worse.

According to former prosecutor Glenn Kirshner, little Donnie and Ivanka are now facing “real danger areas” of criminal liability, and just might be busted by Trump’s former longtime attorney Michael Cohen. Kirschner, who has worked with Mueller and was the chief of homicide prosecution at the U.S. attorney’s office in DC, let this news loose in an interview on MSNBC earlier today.

One thing is for sure – this is going to be the subject of Trump’s tweets tomorrow. In the interview, MSNBC anchor Alex Witt asked:


Is there legal jeopardy in your mind? Could there be for Don Jr. and potentially Ivanka?”

Kirschner revealed that Michael Cohen may have actually recorded incriminating conversations between Trump’s kids. Kirschner explained:

There could be, Alex. When it comes to the kids, Ivanka and Don Jr., I think there are a couple of real danger areas, because we heard that Michael Cohen lied to Congress about, among other things, keeping the kids — keeping Donald Trump’s kids informed about what was going on on this potential deal with Russia.

And, you know, that is really dangerous, because what did we come to learn some months ago? Michael Cohen is not above surreptitiously tape recording conversations.

When I heard his plea included information about keeping Donald Trump’s kids up to speed, I have to say — we’ve heard this before — but I was thinking to myself, ‘lordy, I hope there are tapes‘ because we don’t know what Michael Cohen has been taping but we may hear more about that in the future.”

If these tapes exist, Trump and his corrupt family are finished. You can watch the explosive interview below:

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