German Chancellor Just Commented On George H.W. Bush’s Legacy And It Will Make Trump Furious

Trump is going to have a fit!

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Former President George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the United States, passed away on Friday, leaving the world in shock and mourning. After his death, fellow presidents and world leaders have come forward to honor his life and legacy, and some have also used it as an opportunity to insult Donald Trump.

Bush couldn’t have been a more different president than the one Trump is, and no one is afraid to say it. Even while he was at the G20 summit in Argentina, Trump was unable to escape his inadequacy and the fact that he’s considered the worst president in American history. German Chancellor Angela Merkel made sure Trump felt it when she praised Bush at G20 when she stated:

George Bush… was the father, or one of the fathers, of the German unification and we will never forget that.”

You can watch her below:


“Unification” is something that Trump will never be known for, unless you consider the fact that he unified the entire world against him. Merkel had also made sure Trump know what a great president Bush had been in a telegram she wrote to the unhinged POTUS. She said to Trump:

Germany owes a lot to George H.W. Bush. It was a stroke of luck in German history that he was at the head of the United States of America when the Cold War came to an end and Germany’s reunification became possible.”

At a time when Merkel has stated that Germany should no longer rely on the U.S. due to Trump’s incompetence and uncooperative attitude, Merkel meant her message to sting as she praised Bush for his “his trust and support.” She continued:

The courageous and peaceful revolution of the people to the east of the Iron Curtain thus met with the courage and skill of a statesman who, together with others, led Europe and the trans-Atlantic partnership through this upheaval, ushering in a new era.”

Above all, Trump hates being reminded of how great former presidents were in comparison to him. For Merkel to say this at G20 with Trump in attendance will likely have the president going off on Twitter for days.

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