Cringe-Worthy Image Of Trump Saying Goodbye To Sarah Sanders Is Released, Americans Lose Their Lunch

Hope you're reading on an empty stomach.

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The creepiness of the Trump family has been on display today — with Steve Mnuchin’s wife admitting that Don Jr. makes her skin crawl and the White House promoting a photo of president Donald Trump groping an American flag. But it doesn’t seem that the cringe factor is going to stop there after a photo of Donald bidding farewell to his press secretary has begun making the rounds.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Trump’s sad excuse for a press secretary who never actually held any press conferences, is ditching the White House at the end of the month, heading back to her hometown in Arkansas where she’s in talks of running for governor.

Of course, despite the fact that she never did the job she was paid for, to begin with, Trump still sang her praises all over Twitter while announcing her departure because, by God, she was a whiz at those Fox News interviews.


Sanders spoke at an event later that day where she described her time at the White House as “the honor of a lifetime” and an experience “will treasure forever.” But by the looks of a screenshot that was captured during her speech at the event, it appears that Donald and Sarah may be missing each other on a whole different level as she leaves him behind.

In the image, you can see Donald embracing Sarah and pressing his lips to her head in an almost tender moment. We dare say, he even looks as though he might be smelling her hair. His eyes are closed and he appears to be deep in thought and possibly even a bit sad. And Sarah doesn’t seem to mind. She also looks a little forlorn but accepting of Trump’s display of affection all the same.

Of course, Twitter had plenty to say about the borderline NSFW moment that the two shared:

Can somebody get these two a room?! Please!

Featured image via screen capture 

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