Congressman Perfectly Trolls Trump Over “Foreign Interference” With Brilliant Sign Outside His Office Door

Yes, I'd like to order 434 more members of Congress like this, please.

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I’m just going to go ahead and admit something shameful: I am addicted to social media. I love looking at people’s photos on Insta, and the people in Facebook groups feel like family sometimes (Hi, Americans for Sanity!), and Twitter… Well, Twitter is something different entirely.

A lot of Twitter is viewed by people who aren’t on it — the same can’t really be said for other platforms — because the opportunities to be pithy, witty, sarcastic, funny, insightful, or clever all in the space of 280 characters tend to make people look like geniuses, whether they are or not.

Some are, though. I like to think I’m following most of them, in fact. I scroll Twitter when I’m looking for something to write about, when I’m bored, while I’m cooking, while my wife is in a dressing room — let’s face it, I fire up Twitter before I get coffee. I don’t want to miss a thing.


Unfortunately, I face a lot more Donald Trump that way. That’s his favorite platform, as everyone knows, and basically, every single day starts with some meltdown or tantrum or just a regular old series of lies. I have to report on it, but at the same time, I can’t take too much of it without something to counteract the negative effects of Trump Overexposure™, a totally real social media condition I just made up for the purpose of this article.

That’s why 280cc of Congressman Ted Lieu’s Twitter feed is always at hand. Nobody has been taking on Trump on Twitter for as long as, or as faithfully as, Rep. Lieu. Today’s garbage dump of Trump Twitter — him pimping a Fox appearance, him having inappropriate relations with the American flag, him pretending to give a shit about the military — was handily counteracted by just one tweet from Ted:

That is the STUFF, Ted.

Featured image via screen capture

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