Americans Horrified As White House Peddles Photo Of Trump “Molesting” The American Flag

Oh. My. God.

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Donald Trump loves to flaunt himself as the ultimate patriot, despite the fact that the country is headed straight for hell and he’s behind the wheel. But we, along with the majority of the rest of the country, feel that Donald is less of a patriot and more of just a creep.

The man can literally make anything awkward and uncomfortable. Dare we say, it’s almost a talent of his — which he blatantly proved when the White House shared a disturbing picture of him pawing at the American flag in an attempt to celebrate flag day.


The holiday, marking the adoption of the flag in 1777 by the Second Continental Congress, coincides with Donald’s June 14th birthday. So, to mark the occasion the official White House Twitter page shared the photo depicting the president awkwardly embracing the American flag while standing on the ad-covered stage at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference — where he later delivered a long, profanity-ridden speech against his political opponents.

Twitter users were rightfully horrified at Trump’s behavior, with some even comparing his handling of the American flag to a “molestation”:

Not only does this further prove that Donald Trump is just a disgusting, creepy old white dude. But it really showcases the disrespect that the man has for this nation. He is so concerned with convincing everyone that he’s this standup guy that loves this country, but he’s just demonstrating that he’s a fascist dickbag that has no respect for consent, dignity, the American people, or that flag.

The president can grope the American flag. But yea, let’s get mad when someone kneels.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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