Conservative Insider Says Trump Is Worried John Bolton “Is The Mastermind” Behind Whistleblower Claims

His paranoia is kicking into high gear!

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Trump’s world and his mind are effectively falling to pieces, in a quick kind of way, in the wake of the whistleblower scandal surrounding his shady Ukraine call that’s ultimately resulted in a formal impeachment inquiry into him, announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi last week.

We expected the man to pretty much lose his shit and he certainly didn’t disappoint in that aspect, as the hairbrained tweets began to flow forth before Pelosi had even walked off the screen and were promptly followed by numerous outbursts and conspiracy theories that have rivaled that of a faked moon landing and autism causing vaccines — leading folks to question his already fragile mental health even further.

But this newest conspiracy theory that has now landed in the laps of internet users across the globe may be the most manic one as of yet.


Recently, Trump gave his national security adviser John Bolton the ol’ boot after repeated disagreements within the administration and between Bolton and Trump specifically.

And now the conservative website, The American Spectator has dropped an article theorizing that Trump’s former national security advisor is actually the “mastermind” behind the scandal that will soon take Donald down in flames of impeachment.

The Spectator reports that one source described as a “veteran political consultant” claims that “Trump is afraid Bolton is the mastermind behind all the damaging leaks on his secret dealings with the Ukrainians.”

The same source goes on to postulate that Sen. Lindsey Graham is now heading the efforts of the Trump administration to track down the identity of the whistleblower that ruined Trump’s life, as he feels that it will give him the edge to push POTUS into a strike against Iran.

Of course, there’s been not a single shred of actual evidence to indicate that Bolton had anything to do with the whistleblower report that will serve as Trump’s ultimate demise. But when did that ever matter to Donald Trump or his hairbrained band of blind supporters?

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