Anti-Trump Italian Lawmaker Hands Pompeo A Piece Of Cheese In Protest Of Trump Tariffs, Pompeo Appears Clueless, Accepts It With A Smile

Trust me, that wasn't for your crackers, Mike!

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo could be called a variety of things, even a lying-ass traitor in the wake of his blatant dishonesty on a recent segment with ABC’s “The Week” where he claimed to have absolutely no knowledge on the Ukraine call that’s landed Trump and several members of his administration in some serious hot water, only to be proven as a liar by the Wall Street Journal just days later when they reported that he was actually in on the call.

But one thing Mike Pompeo has never been accused of being is a genius — or even really very smart, at that.

During an excursion to Italy today, an Italian member of parliament confronted Pompeo in an attempt to give him her thoughts on his boss’s proposed tariffs against her country.


Video footage obtained by ABC News depicts the Italian lawmaker approaching the US Secretary of State as he’s deep in discussion with an Italian official. The woman in the footage is holding a block of Parmesan cheese in her hands which she then gives to Pompeo — who accepts the block of cheese with a big, dumb grin on his ignorant face.

What Pompeo doesn’t seem to realize is the fact that the gesture was actually one of protest against Trump’s insane proposed tariffs against Italian food items. She wasn’t just giving him something to grate over his Spaghetti O’s later that evening.

Reports have indicated that the woman in question was eventually led away from the ignorant and unsuspecting Pompeo by aides.

Any bets on whether he takes the hunk of cheese back to the president as proof that Italy just loves them? Perhaps they’ll share the block over a glass of wine and discuss their plans for their impending prison sentences.

You can watch the clip here:

Featured image via screen capture

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