Trump Goes On Twitter And Tweets Misleading “Impeach This” Map, Internet Reacts

Trump is very bad at math.

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I think my favorite Trump tweets are the ones that provide his cultists voters with an opportunity to really show off why they voted for him: Namely, they’re dumb.

Tuesday morning, Trump tweeted the same meme that his daughter-in-law Lara tweeted last week, apparently unaware that the entire internet made fun of her in ways I’m sure she never even imagined were possible.

The meme, of course, is the “election map” that Republicans like to trot out in order to show “support” for Trump is more far-reaching than his detractors might claim. Unfortunately, they’ve been using the same map for three years, and it’s been wrong the whole time. Here’s the Trump tweet:


Just like when Lara, the wife of Trump’s dumbest child, Eric, tweeted this meme, the first thing that strikes the reader is that the only way for Trump to be proud of an election map is if it depicts the electoral college vote, and this is definitely not that. That’s literally the only metric by which Trump could derive any sort of mandate as President. He lost the popular vote. Turnout for the election represented slightly more than half of eligible voters, so at most he could claim that about twenty-seven percent of the country supported him in 2016.

The bigger question, however, is what is this a map OF?

Turns out it’s counties. It is a county-by-county map of America in the 2016 election and how each one voted. The problem, of course, is that dirt doesn’t vote, and that’s unfortunately what most of the red counties on that map are made up of.

Take Loving County, Texas. It’s just west of Odessa, where the semiauto rifle mass shooting took place at the end of August. It’s about 700 square miles in size and deep red on Trump’s map. Then you can look at King County, Washington, where Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Howard Schultz all live. It’s blue on Trump’s map, and about three times the size of Loving County.

So if you took three counties the size of Loving and put them next to each other, all red, and put them next to King County, all blue, you’d have two equally sized but differently colored spots on the map. But while the spot representing King County has 2.2 million people in it, the “triple Loving” spot would have 402. People. 402 total people. On Trump’s map, a spot that represents 402 people is the same size as one that represents 2,200,000 people.

Maybe that explains his obsession with the size of his inaugural crowd — he really does think this map means something.

Twitter quickly disabused him of that notion:

Featured image via screen capture

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