Chaos Erupts After Furious Business Owner Sees Ivanka Using Her Gym

Being Ivanka isn't very much fun these days, thanks to her dad.

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Donald Trump has pretty much ruined everything for his family and anyone who has been foolish enough to work for him, not realizing that they are committing career suicide. We’ve seen this time and time again with the struggles of Trump’s former administration members to stay relevant. It’s even hurt his most precious administration member, his daughter Ivanka.

Since her father became president, Ivanka has been having a tough time. After her father soiled the Trump brand name, her business began to struggle big time and she was recently forced to shut the whole company down. But her father’s antics were ruining her life far before that.

While White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders may have whined the loudest about being “discriminated against” by businesses, it happened to Ivanka first. Last year, when Ivanka was seen at Solidcore gym in Washington D.C., the president’s daughter caused quite a fuss when owner Ann Mahlum spotted her taking a class at the gym under an alias. Completely against Trump’s inhumane policies and agenda, Mahlum took to Facebook to call out Ivanka:


What you do when you find out Ivanka Trump just took [Solidcore], but used an alias to sign up for class? You reach out and ask for a meeting. While I don’t know her and I always seek to understand … I do know her father is threatening the rights of many of my beloved clients and coaches and as a business owner, I take my responsibility to protect and fight for my people very seriously.”

Unfortunately, all hell broke loose on her Facebook page and she removed the post — but this screenshot of her bravery will live on. While other businesses (such as Red Hen restaurant) have had more support in calling out Trump’s administration, what Mahlum did is a perfect example of an American who holds everyone in Trump’s circle accountable. Ivanka is complicit no matter how quiet or polite she is. She refuses to speak out against her father — so America must speak out against her.

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