Trump Just Made A Gross Prediction For His Future In The White House, America Ready To Revolt

Trump seems so overly confident about this, it's kind of scary.

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America collectively rolled its eyes when Donald Trump announced his re-election campaign for 2020 pretty much as soon as he’d stepped inside the White House and began his first term. Since then Trump has repeatedly said that he was going to have a second term, despite having abysmal approval ratings and continuously being protested against on a global level.

The Wall Street Journal just reported that Trump is making disturbing preparations for the future, as if he already knows that he’ll be elected again. He’s just asked his Chief of Staff, John Kelly, to stay in the White House through 2020 despite how rocky their relationship has become. Kelly has accepted the offer, although he himself probably hopes Trump won’t serve a second term.

Kelly just passed his first-year anniversary in the White House over the weekend, and it’s been a stressful year as Trump’s chaotic administration always seems to be slipping out from underneath him. There have been multiple rumors before this stating that Trump was going to get rid of him, but the president seems to have changed his mind.


Trump asked Kelly to stay on after asking his advisors about who he should select for the role. He had also thought of taking “Vice President Mike Pence‘s chief of staff, Nick Ayers, or Mick Mulvaney, head of the Office of Management and Budget and acting director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.”

Trump’s confidence is unsettling, to say the least — perhaps because it’s possible he could get help from his buddy Vladimir Putin again. He hasn’t even gotten the hang of his first term yet and he is already gathering his staff for his second. One thing is for sure: America will not stand for another four years of this moron. Hopefully, he gets a big reality check in November’s midterm elections, when American voters turn the country blue.

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