Kellyanne Conway Nearly Chokes On Live TV As She Denies Charges Nobody Accused Her Of

This is more than a little disconcerting coming from the President's top adviser.

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Kellyanne Conway is hard to believe. It could be because of that whole “alternative facts” thing she made up that one time, but we here at DC Tribune, being the type of organization that covers the Trump administration daily, believe it just may be her proximity to the President.

But when Kellyanne starts denying things that nobody’s even asked her about, we get especially suspicious.

Appearing on Fox News today, the President’s top adviser was asked about the trial of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman, who is facing serious federal charges regarding money laundering, bank fraud, and being an “unregistered foreign agent” — a fancy term for a sort of spy.


Conway launched into a rant about how Manafort’s trial has “nothing to do with the Trump campaign,” although it is certain that Manafort never even would have been under investigation were it not for his involvement with Trump — a seemingly unfortunate business decision for him, since prosecutors found evidence against him of far more than they were even looking for in the first place.

It was part of the Trump team’s strategy to attempt to distance themselves from their own indicted co-conspirators by claiming they played much smaller roles in the Trump campaign than they actually did. The first instance we saw of this was with one of the first guilty pleas that Mueller’s Special Counsel team secured, that of George Papadopoulos, the so-called “coffee boy” who turned out to be a major player in the campaign, sent overseas to set up multiple contacts and meetings with foreign emissaries.

Then Kellyanne took a bizarre turn, declaring that she herself was innocent of any federal crimes — but she didn’t sound terribly convinced. She choked on the phrase “federal criminal charges,” as though she was petrified of the very term itself:

Obviously I was the campaign manager for the winning part of the campaign, and I assure you I will not be brought up on a-f-federal criminal charges of any type, and I certainly wasn’t making money in Ukraine or talking to anyone in Moscow. That’s very clear. This has nothing to do with collusion, Russia, nothing to do with the Trump campaign.”

Watch the strange and almost hilarious denial below:

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