CEO Of General Motors Perfectly Responds To Trump After His Threats Against Her

Donald Trump may have met his match!

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President Trump has been all over everybody on Twitter lately, per usual. Just in the last few days, he’s attacked Google, Fox News, CNN, George Conway, and the late Senator John McCain — and that’s just the highlights. Another huge victim of Trump’s latest Twitter wrath is the General Motors Company.

GM’s Lordstown, Ohio plant has recently shut its doors, and Trump isn’t happy about it. So, like usual, he took to Twitter to express his concerns. Of course, it was more so to protect his self-proclaimed status as the “job-maker” and pat himself on the back for an economy well done — but nevertheless, he used the plant’s closing to attack GM’s CEO, Mary Barra.

He blamed her for the plant’s closing and tried to Twitter-harass her into selling the plant, re-opening it, or just doing SOMETHING that wouldn’t make him look like such a jackass.


It seems that Donald is shaking in his boots a bit with the impending re-election, considering the job market was one of his biggest campaign promises. After a Fox News segment aired claiming that Trump’s re-election could face trouble in the industrial Midwest, Trump is doubling back to try and ensure that he’s still on top, even if that means being a bully.

But as it turns out, Barra isn’t going to take Donald’s Twitter tantrum sitting down. The powerhouse company released a statement saying, “To be clear, under the terms of the UAW-GM National Agreement, the ultimate future of the unallocated plants will be resolved between GM and the UAW. We remain open to talking with all affected stakeholders, but our main focus remains on our employees and offering them jobs in our plants where we have growth opportunities. We have now placed over 1,000 employees from our unallocated plants to other GM locations, and we have opportunities available for virtually all impacted employees.”

Basically, Donald, Mary Barra can take of her own shit, and at no point does she need or is she interested in your input. Perhaps he should worry a little less about trying to cover the lies he told to a town in Ohio and a little more about the lies that are about to come forth in the Mueller report.

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