Trump Threatens Popular Vote In Election Meltdown, Says Electoral Vote Is “Far Better” For America

This is terrifying.

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Donald Trump is becoming totally unhinged from reality and the last shred of sanity he might have had left is almost gone. Today, the president has already sent out several frenzied tweets that are extremely concerning — but a group of them are raising more eyebrows and concerns.

This morning, Trump weighed in on an issue that the Democrats are taking up: Whether or not to get rid of the electoral college. As we saw in the 2016 election, the electoral college is precisely why America is in the terrible position it’s in now — Trump lost the popular vote by millions and it was only thanks to the electoral college that he was able to steal the presidency from Hillary Clinton.

Terrified that this could happen again, Senator Elizabeth Warren called for the ending of the electoral college during a CNN town hall earlier this week. Many others agree — Mayor Pete Buttigieg recently said it “needs to go,” and Beto O’Rourke said there was “a lot of wisdom” in the idea. Even Trump agreed in 2012 when he called the electoral college “a disaster for a democracy.”


But of course, Trump has changed his mind since his election win. This morning, he trashed the popular vote and said that the electoral college is “far better for the U.S.A.” — likely because he knows that without it, he wouldn’t have won.

Trump also praised the electoral college after he won the 2016 election:

Trump is trashing democracy and our voting system right before our eyes. He has never been more dangerous — and yet the GOP continues to look the other way!

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