Axios Stands Behind Their “Hurricane Nukes” Report, Claims White House Had Nine Hours To Deny Story… They Didn’t

Even the White House didn't deny it.

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Since this weekend’s G7 Summit with his fellow world leaders, Donald Trump has found himself positively immersed in even more fuckery of his own making — including a hairbrained tweet in which he thanked himself in the third person, an attack against his own political party, and a massive mess with Deutsche Bank and his tax returns. So, it’s easy to have already forgotten what funny business he was up to during his recent time in France.

But there was one particular incident that had citizens around the globe doing that funny thing with their eyes — that weird twitchy thing that happens when you witness something so ridiculously stupid that your brain doesn’t know how to react so it just starts making your eyes go all weird in an attempt to comprehend — and that was his half-baked tweet about hurricane nukes and the “fake news” right smack dab in the middle of a live meeting with German PM Angela Merkel.

Evidently, Trump was angry over Axios’ reporting that he pitched the idea of using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes. So, naturally, he had himself a big ol’ Trumpian Twitter tantrum in an effort to dispute the report.


However, Axios is not here for his bullshit, y’all.

Jim VandeHei, Axios’ co-founder and CEO, responded to Trump’s denial by standing by their report and smacking down Trump’s tantrum.

“We stand solidly behind our reporting,” VandeHei stated. “Before publishing, we gave the White House full visibility on the key details of our story, and more than nine hours to deny or push back against our reporting.”

Axios’ report claimed that Donald had asked about the use of nukes in an effort to control hurricanes at least twice within his first 14 months as president and their CEO says that the information was “meticulously sourced” and even noted in at least one National Security Council memo. Since then, several other sources have confirmed the report.

And evidently, even the White House couldn’t deny it. They were given more than nine whole hours to save Trump from looking like a complete idiotic jackass. So, either it’s true, or this is one hilarious inside joke at Donnie’s expense.

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