Trump Appears Upset On Twitter Over Latest Poll, Thanks Himself In Third Person

He is slipping down the rabbit hole.

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When some people say something celebratory on their social media, what you’re looking at is a genuine expression of joy — they exhibit gratitude and humility and invite other people to celebrate with them. In fact, witnessing that kind of thankfulness for whatever measure of goodness they’ve been given is one of my favorite things in life to watch — I love gratitude because it seems in such short supply.

Donald Trump, however, does not celebrate things as you or I might. He’s not a grateful person, because he feels that no matter what measure of goodness he’s given, he deserves more than that. He certainly can’t be happy for others when they get or do or say something good, since it’s a good thing that’s not happening to him. The other day, he was honoring the oldest living veteran of WWII to get a Medal of Honor, and his dumb ass couldn’t stop himself from saying how much he wished he could award himself one. He was literally talking to a guy who rushed a tank in the middle of the battlefield to save his unit and he joked that he would like to have the same award that guy got for doing THAT.



That’s where we’re at on Tuesday afternoon as Trump “celebrates” his slightly-better-than-half showing in some current Zogby poll, the only such poll in the nation — all the rest have his popularity well underwater. But almost sarcastically, Trump still took to Twitter to trumpet his amazing showing in the Zogby poll:

Humblebrag, attack, third person congratulations: It’s the Trump formula. No one is talking about the Zogby poll because it’s weighted heavily conservative and toward the elderly, so he has to do it himself. The attack is for not getting covered for a meaningless Zogby poll by the media. And the third-person kudos, well… That’s just because he’s a kook.

Twitter loves to see it, though. Everyone loves to take a shot on Trump, and he opens himself up with this ridiculous kind of posts:

Oh, he knows, Morten. That’s the reason for the tweet.

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