WH Press Secretary Told Media Trump Was Cool As A Cucumber During Pelosi Meeting. Only Problem? He Wasn’t There

What is even going ON anymore?

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During the 100 percent creepy ego interlude that led President Donald Trump to go around the room, full of his attending deputies and spokespeople, and require each of them to attest to his mental stability one by one, at least one media outlet noticed that one of the respondents, Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley (a name I still refuse to believe is real), was not actually present during the exchange that had Trump so defensive.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Gidley, perhaps the most eager of Trump’s sycophants although his time in front of cameras is often overshadowed by the more aggressively deceitful Sarah Sanders or Kellyanne Conway, was quick to answer when the President called on him for his false testimony, but that there was no way Gidley could have been aware of Trump’s demeanor, because he simply wasn’t important enough to have been present for the meeting.

That didn’t stop young Hogan from extemporaneously elaborating on the degree to which the boss was absolutely, totally normal and completely justified in any reaction he may have had during the pretend meeting — set up to be cut short so that the President could rush to the Rose Garden, where “NO COLLUSION” signage was waiting on the podium for an “impromptu” speech to reporters.


I’ve seen the first one [Trump’s legendary temper], Mr. President. That accusation that you pounded your fists — and I’ll be honest, you have every right to do that. We face a crisis on the southern border and they’ve done nothing. You laid out the case to them, and they refused to work with you.”

It’s hard to believe that this is where we are as a country — that not only does our unhinged President require his underlings to act out performative prostration, but that those government employees whose salaries we pay know better than to make Trump look like he’s mistaken about anything at all.

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