Trump Aides Reveal What It’s Like To Fly With Trump And It’s Horrifying

His own staff can't stand to be around him.

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President Donald Trump loves to jump on every opportunity he can find to whine about how unfairly he’s treated. Today, as he spoke with White House reporters before departing for Japan, he claimed that his approval rating would be a staggering 75 percent if it weren’t for “the fake news.”

Aaron Rupar took to Twitter to report on Trump’s pity party:

Trump has absolutely no shame when it comes to whining to the public about being treated unfairly. But according to new reports, the incessant cry-babying is even worse for his staff — apparently so much so that they dread flying on Air Force One with him because he refuses to sleep and is constantly freaking out over his perceived victimhood.


One official told CNN in regards to traveling on Air Force One with the president, “It’s like being held captive.”

After speaking with five current and former Trump administration officials, CNN reported, “When Trump first took office, staffers clamored to travel on overseas trips. But now, in the third year of his presidency, several officials said they do their best to avoid staffing the trips because of the chaotic nature that typically accompanies them.”

“During international flights, Trump typically remains in the front cabin. He does four things, the current and former aides said: eats, watches television or reads newspapers, talks with staff and calls friends and allies back home as he zips away into foreign skies.”

“Trump will spend hours reviewing cable news coverage recorded on a TiVo-like device or sifting through cardboard boxes of newspapers and magazines that have been lugged aboard,” the CNN report continued.

“He’ll summon sleeping staffers to his office at moments the rest of the plane is dark, impatient to discuss his upcoming meetings or devise a response to something he saw in the media.”

It seems even the folks that are paid to deal with his erratic behavior can barely stomach it.

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