On His Way To Japan, Trump Stopped To Greet Service Members In Alaska, That’s When Things Got Really Weird

Cue the major cringe.

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Donald Trump headed out for a four-day visit to Japan and ended up making a layover stop in Alaska where he hopped off Air Force One, crossed the tarmac, and greeted around 200 cheering, camo-clad service members at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

But of course, Donald couldn’t just allow it to be a normal ole visit to our military troops. No, he had to make shit weird in true Trump fashion.

“Breathe that air. It’s real air,” Trump exclaimed to the press. As if the air that’s floating around, oh… I don’t know… Everywhere? Isn’t “real” air. Perhaps he thinks there’s fake air like he thinks there’s fake news.


He proceeded to shake hands and take pictures with the troops for around five minutes and have a quick meet up with Alaska’s Republican Governor, Mike Dunleavy, before he hauled his behind back on Air Force One to finish his flight to Japan, where he would soon insult an entire culture and years worth of tradition and customs by refusing to sit on a cushion in the floor.

Donald and his wife Melania are headed to Tokyo, Japan to attend the crowning of Emperor Naruhito, making him the first world leader to meet with the new Emperor. He also plans to meet with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to discuss North Korea, matters of trade, and the relationship between the US and Japan. He is also set to tour one of Japan’s warships, the JS Kaga.

Wonder if the air over there is real or fake?

Featured image via screen capture

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