Twitter Responds To Trump After He Mispronounces Mike Pence’s Name: “I’m Torn Between Laughing And Crying”

He's completely lost it!

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We’re not sure if Donald Trump’s dementia is kicking in double time lately or if he’s really so miffed at his Vice President Mike Pence that he’s simply trying to get in every petty jab at the man possible. But either way, it was pretty clear that something was up with Donnie last night during his speech at the House Republican Conference Member Retreat in Baltimore when he blatantly mispronounced his VP’s name.

Now, Donnie and Mike have been in a bit of a feud lately according to multiple reports after Pence dared to challenge the president over his secretly planned meeting with Taliban members just days before the anniversary of 9/11 and then turned around and ended up polling significantly higher than Trump. Evidently, it’s caused some real beef between the two, resulting in rumors of a replacement VP and Donald subjecting Pence to “loyalty tests” — which many believe is the reason that Mike dared to stay at Trump’s resort in Ireland despite the backlash he knew it would cause.

And, of course, there’s the fact that Donald is seriously losing his damn mind. Multiple professionals have repeatedly warned that Trump’s mental health is in a rapid state of decline — many of them speculating that he’s suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. But whatever it is, he displays his symptoms often in hairbrained tweets and barely coherent speeches.


Whether it’s one of the two or a combination of both, something had Donnie all kinds of flustered last night as he attempted to run through a list of names during his speech. However, when he got to his own Vice President, it seems that he kind of forgot what his name is and wound up referring to his as “Mike Pounce.”

Now sometimes Donald makes gaffes like this and quickly tries to double back and correct himself. But this time he didn’t even seem to notice. Of course, that didn’t stop Twitter from doing so:

Ahh, Twitter. You never let us down.

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