Trump Appears Desperate After Dem Debate As He Goes On Friday Morning Tweetstorm

Backed into a corner, he's less of a wolverine and more of a weasel.

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The third Democratic presidential debate was a lively one — a few jabs at one another here and there, and certainly many of the ten candidates present outlined the differences between their policies and those of their colleagues — but mostly it was a 3-hour referendum on the failed policies of the Trump administration.

More importantly, however, it was a time to showcase how different each one of them would be from Donald Trump himself. If the overarching question of the night was “What will you do differently to improve the lives of every American,” each of them clearly and succinctly answered some variation of “I won’t be anything like Donald Trump.”

Normally that would not impress me. In fact, that’s basically only an acceptable answer because it’s the only acceptable answer at this point.


But that consensus across the stage among ten very well-spoken people must have sparked some kind of fear or outrage in the President as he watched — a dread of going head to head with any of them in future debates as they campaign for the 2020 election, that they might get the audience’s heads nodding in consensus as well. The ubiquity of distaste for Trump and Trumpism at this point must be apparent even to Donald Trump.

And the freakout we’re seeing this morning on Trump’s Twitter feed isn’t just a product of having watched ten different people make him and his policies look petty, small, and cruel. It was compounded by the fact that the vote in the House Judiciary Committee to agree on guidelines for an impeachment inquiry passed 24-17, marking the beginning (finally!) of a formal process that could lead to Trump’s legal ouster from the White House.

It was this that his tweets reflected:

Of course, as usual, almost nothing there is true. His unemployment record is based on a jobless rate that’s been falling for almost nine years straight — the period of which his economic policies could have in any way affected it amounting to roughly 16 months. The action on veterans began under Obama. We were a net exporter of oil before Obama left office. His judicial appointments have come only through Republican trickery and obstruction, and every appointment has been the worst possible choice.

And of course his wailing about the investigations of him that have, to a one, all concluded that he DID commit crimes and simply was not charged because he was the President, remains unchanged.

Is it next November yet?

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