Trump Staff Leaks Barr’s Progress On Mueller Report To Fox News

In an attempt to minimize the impact of it, the leak made it more important.

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Attorney General Bill Barr’s plan to release the information regarding and contained in special counsel Robert Mueller’s report has just been leaked to Fox News by an administration official.

Fox News has reported that an “administration official familiar with the process” has reported that Barr could be releasing the main conclusion of the Mueller probe sometime between 3 and 5 PM EST, today. The source stated that “The Attorney General wants to get this out tonight. It will hit what is on everyone’s minds — no parsing of words, no games.”

Fox News also made it clear that there could be some “procedural hurdles” to overcome in regards to getting the information from the report out.


We’re still uncertain as to what that means for the general public or even the member of Congress or the House, as a “main conclusion” certainly does not mean anyone will be getting the full scope of the information contained in the report. It’s also worth noting that Barr has remained quite cryptic over since the beginning of the Mueller probe, claiming that he will only be releasing what is necessary and legally required.

The conclusion of the Mueller report seems to be the beginning of a hard fight for transparency — with Congress and the House already looking into subpoenas of the report, or even Mueller as well as several other entities bringing up lawsuits against the Department of Justice to release the information to the public per the rules of the Freedom of Information Act.

It seems the only ones who aren’t in a hurry to see the information contained in the report is the Trump family — who has remained uncharacteristically quiet in the wake of the conclusion and deliverance of the report.

The entire country is certainly waiting on bated breath to finally receive the cold hard facts of the investigation — and it is safe to say that there will be hell to pay if transparency doesn’t pull through.

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