Nancy Pelosi Makes Saturday Afternoon Announcement Regarding Mueller Report

Nancy Pelosi refuses to back down!

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Nancy Pelosi, along with many other individuals and entities, has made it very clear that they will be demanding transparency on the Mueller report in the coming days after its release on Friday — and it appears that she is not kidding.

This afternoon, Speaker Pelosi referred to Attorney General Bill Barr’s offer to release a summary of Special Counsel Mueller’s report “insufficient.” She proceeded to urge Barr to release to entire report to lawmakers. Pelosi feels that the only way committees can proceed with their “independent work” efficiently is with full access to all of the information included in the Mueller report. A summary completed by a wishy-washy employee of the man investigated just isn’t going to cut it for the Speaker of the House.

In her statement, Pelosi also said that any congressional briefings of the report should be designated as “unclassified,” as well — so that all members have the ability to speak freely about the briefings as well as any information contained therein.


Pelosi has ensured that she’s left no room for confusion — members of the House and Senate, as well as the American people, deserve the right to full transparency when it comes to the contents of the long-awaited Mueller report. The California Democrat intends to accept no less.

It has already been reported that Pelosi, as well as several others, are fully prepared to do whatever it takes to gain access to the Mueller report in its entirety. The House will not stand for half-assed summaries and statements from Bill Barr or the Department of Justice — even if that requires subpoenas.

It’s clear that Pelosi will go to whatever lengths necessary to sway Barr towards releasing the full report — whether that means calling him out in public or making a good old fashioned house call. In her time as the Speaker of the House, Pelosi has stood strong. She didn’t stand for Trump’s temper tantrum over his beloved wall, and we don’t suspect she’ll be taking no for an answer on this matter either.

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