Trump Humiliates Himself While Presenting Medal Of Honor, Says Recipient Killed Insurgent “Wearing A Wardrobe”

He is ACTUALLY losing his mind!

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Today, Donald Trump awarded the Medal of Honor, the highest and most prestigious personal military decoration in America, to an Iraq War veteran. But while speaking at the ceremony, Donald became quite disoriented and confused and turned from his most likely scripted remarks to claim that the soldier receiving the award was attacked by someone “wearing a wardrobe.”

Now usually when something like this happens, as it often does, Trump will attempt to correct himself, and restate his remarks the correct way. But this time went down a little differently — with him first using the correct phrase then immediately backtracking to say the weird, incorrect one as if he were completely bewildered as to what he even meant to say.

“Then a third assailant burst out of a wardrobe — wearing a wardrobe,” Donald fumbled.


Of course, many Twitter users took to the platform to once against question the integrity of Trump’s mental health. Given that memory loss, mental decline, confusion, and inability to speak or understand language are some of the main symptoms of Dementia, their concerns certainly aren’t unwarranted.

Sadly enough, this is far from the first time something like this has happened to Donald. It’s not unusual anymore for the man to become visibly confused and distressed, fumble over his words, and take off into unhinged rants and rages that don’t even make any sense.

And while it’s easy enough for us to ridicule him from the safety of our homes and offices — and God, do we know how much he deserves it — the rapid declination of the man’s health is a national emergency. This is the guy that gets to say if we go to war. He has the launch codes and access to the big, red button and he has the authority to make laws. It’s strikingly clear that he’s no longer mentally competent enough to remain in his position, and it’s the duty of those closest to him to do something about it before we all go up in smoke.

You can watch the clip here:

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