Trump’s Ego Flairs In Oval Office Press Gaggle As He Claims His Concentration Camps Are Better Than Obama’s

What a disgusting, vile piece of human garbage.

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The situation ignited at our southern border by Donald Trump and his administration can only be described as cruel and inhumane at best. Thousands of children have been ripped from the arms of their family and detained in concentration camps where they don’t have access to so much as clean water, a blanket, or a toothbrush — tortured, starving, and sick. It’s an absolute humanitarian crisis of the utmost degree.

During a press gaggle in the Oval Office today, Donald finally admitted that the conditions these innocent children are being forced to live in are atrocious. However, he still doesn’t much seem to care because according to him, his concentration camps are better than former president Barack Obama’s.

After one reporter asked Trump if he is concerned about the conditions that children are living in at the border he responded, “Yes I am. Very concerned.”


“and they’re much better than they were under President Obama,” he continued. “By far.”

This man’s ego literally knows no bounds. He is actually sitting there and telling the American public that he is, in fact, detaining innocent young children in absolutely deplorable conditions, in situations that can only be compared to that of a Jewish concentration camp, but it’s okay because his are bigger and better than Obama’s. Never mind the fact that Obama didn’t make a habit out of forcing brown children into concentration camps to begin with!

Of course, Donald did go on to blame the southern border crisis completely on the Democrats and basically said that these children are dying in these inexcusable conditions because the Dems won’t let him build his wall.

This is atrocious, people. This is downright sickening. And it is far past time for this man to be stripped of his authority and thrown to the wolves. Perhaps he should spend just a week in the squalor he’s forcing these children into.

You can watch the clip here:

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