Rod Rosenstein Calls It Quits After Mueller Report, Gives Trump Brutal Resignation Letter

He's wanted to say this for a long time.

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The heat that has been put on the White House after Robert Mueller’s report dropped has been a little too much for many of the administration’s top members. While Donald Trump has been behaving as if he’s an innocent man, many of his much wiser colleagues have decided to keep a lower profile, or flee the administration altogether. Today, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein became the latter.

Some of us may have seen it coming — Rosenstein has had a tense relationship with Trump for months and has been openly criticized by the president after appointing Robert Mueller as Special Counsel in the investigation of Trump’s campaign and possible collusion with Russia. In an interesting turn of events, Rosenstein gave Trump his resignation letter today, and he will step down from his long career in the Justice Department on May 11th.

The resignation letter was filled with a few not-so-subtle jabs at the president, such as Rosenstein’s appreciation of Trump’s “courtesy and humor” — which is about the best thing one could say for someone as inefficient and stupid as Trump. There is another part of the resignation letter which focuses on the Justice Department’s “special responsibility to avoid partisanship” and to act on facts instead of opinion. Rosenstein wrote:


We enforce the law without fear or favor because credible evidence is not partisan, and the truth is not determined by opinion polls. We ignore fleeting distractions and focus our attention on the things that matter, because a republic that endures is not governed by the news cycle. We keep the faith, we follow the rules, and we always put America first.”

Like many of Trump’s former administration members, we’re sure Rosenstein is jumping for joy to finally be free of this horrific chapter in his life. Furthermore, we wouldn’t be surprised if Rosenstein soon comes out with a book on his experiences working with Trump. Trump is down another valuable administration member, and if Rosenstein opens up after he leaves the White House, the president is screwed.

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