Trump Sexually Harasses Entire Women’s Basketball Team As Cameras Roll, Ruins White House Visit

This is painful to watch.

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One of the most disgusting things about Donald Trump is his completely unapologetic behavior toward women and minorities. Time and time again, the president demonstrates blatant racism, sexism, and worse — right in front of everyone and yet he is still allowed to remain in the White House. Today, the President of the United States — a man who admitted to grabbing women by the p*ssy on camera — stunned everyone once again when he sexually harassed a group of women as cameras rolled.

Today, the Baylor women’s basketball team had their visit to the White House absolutely RUINED by Trump as they gathered around his desk in the Oval Office. It was supposed to be a time of recognition and celebration for these athletes, but instead, the president couldn’t stop slobbering over their bodies.

As the coach gave Trump a jersey from the school, Trump could have said something to honor their talent and hard work. Instead, he said this (complete with sickening gestures as he caressed his own arm):


I love those short sleeves. Such beautiful arms. Great definition.”

Then, he harassed the coach, begging her to come work for him. As if this visit wasn’t already a disaster, it was followed by Trump’s traditional spread of fast food — his personal disgraceful way of honoring top athletes. And this time, the players actually mocked the president’s lack of any healthy options. You can watch Trump ruin the team’s day below:

And here’s one of the players reacting in complete disbelief at the fast food spread, which was obviously NOT enough to make up for being sexually harassed on camera by the President of the United States:

Featured image via screen capture

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