Donald Trump’s Dementia Is Showing, Had To Be Reminded To Shake Japanese PM’s Hand

He can't do anything right!

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Donald Trump is currently in Japan for this year’s G20 Summit with other world leaders, and he is quickly making sure that this one is just as cringy, awkward, and embarrassing as the last one. You know, when he left Argentinian president Mauricio Macri standing alone on the stage, bewildered, as aides tried to catch him, and he could be heard off-camera exclaiming “get me out of here!”

Well, he was just as strange and disrespectful this year when he had to be reminded to shake hands with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is actually hosting the 2-day international event in Osaka.

When meeting with Abe, Trump reminded everyone “we just left Japan and now I’m back” — speaking of his recent four-day trip where he offended thousands of Japanese traditionalist by refusing to sit on the floor during a Sumo wrestling match, dined on a shit-load of cheeseburgers, and forced a warship bearing late Senator John McCain’s name to be covered while he delivered a speech nearby.


And to say the least, this visit didn’t go any better than that last one.

The two world leaders were cordial enough in front of the cameras despite the fact that they have disagreed on key issues in the past, including North Korea missile launches and Iran.

“Everybody’s talking about it all over the world,” Trump said of the sumo match where he presented a trophy bearing his name on his last trip.

And praised Japan’s auto industry, saying “They’re building magnificent plants. We’ll be discussing trade, we’ll be discussing military.”

But when it came times to actually shake hands with the Japanese leader, Trump unsurprisingly dropped the ball once again, ultimately having to be reminded by no doubt a very exasperated aide to turn around and shake Abe’s hand, as Trump just seemed to daydream off in the air.

Honestly? We were expecting this to be a cluster. We’re not even really surprised.

You can watch the clip here:

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