Sarah Sanders Tweets Farewell Message As She Leaves White House For The Last Time, Internet’s Response Is Gold

She's absolutely delusional.

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There’s almost nothing in the world more pathetic than watching someone in denial of how awful they are act as though they’ve done nothing wrong. Gaslighting at the government level, however, is something different altogether. It makes us all feel like we’re taking crazy pills.

But then, gaslighting has been Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ stock in trade for the duration of Trump’s presidency thus far. If you thought previous press secretaries — say, Dana Perino or Ari Fleischer — were skilled liars, you were clearly only focusing on how skilled they were at crafting a tale.

Sarah’s specialty has always been in the fact that she doesn’t care if her stories are believable, so long as she repeats them faithfully and deflects questions by also gaslighting people: “We’ve already answered that question.”


Now, however, Sarah’s wrapping up the cushiest job anyone in any administration ever had — Trump literally told her NOT to work — and she’s either delusional or she’s gaslighting us again:

You… shouldn’t have your head held high, Sarah. Why don’t we let the good people of Twitter tell you why:

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