WSJ Reports That Trump Bullies His Lawyer Giuliani Behind Closed Doors: “Man, Rudy, You Sucked”

Trump doesn't stop being a jerk for anyone.

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If ever there were a lifelong Trump defender, it’s Rudy Giuliani. All it takes is a quick glance at one of his many Fox News interviews to see that the man is a MAGA apologist to the Nth fucking degree. He regularly goes on live television and makes a complete ass out of himself in an attempt to make the “president” look as though he’s even remotely a decent human being rather than a lump of useless cells that should be locked in a port-a-potty and rolled down a long hill instead of actually running an entire country.

The dude seriously goes to some pretty drastic extremes for his bossman.

But if you thought that Giuliani’s loyalties would somehow earn him some brownie points in Trump’s books, that it would somehow result in Donald treating him like a staunch, faithful supporter rather than another notch in his headboard of blind sheep that he can kick around at will, well, you’d be sadly mistaken.


According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, those downright humiliating Fox News appearances are getting Rudy nowhere fast when it comes to Trump’s good graces as Donald still has a nasty habit of bullying Guiliani around just the same as the rest of his little minions.

WSJ has revealed that Donald has always had a disposition for picking on his personal attorney. A former aide told the publication that even back in the campaign days, Trump would regularly pick and prod at Giuliani for dozing off on long flights and would often jeer him about reading cartoons on his iPad.

According to the report, Trump also publicly made a fool of Rudy at Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s 2017 wedding, demanding that the attorney find somewhere else to stand after complaining that he was spitting when he talked.

Even after the release of Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tapes, when Guiliani was virtually the only comrade of his that was willing to defend him in the wake of the scandal, appearing on all five of the Sunday talk show segments, Donald still chastised him, saying “Man, Rudy, you sucked. You were weak. Low energy,” according to the book released by former aides, Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie.

But none of that did anything to kill Giuliani’s undying and frankly pathetic allegiance to Donald Trump.

According to the report as well as former aides familiar with the situation, Rudy would still compete with other aides and advisers just to sit beside his idol during dinner or a plane ride.

“Rudy never wanted to be left out,” one former aide revealed. “If you were ever between Rudy and the president, look out. You were going to get trampled.”

It seems that Rudy was quite eager to land himself an administration position once Donald nabbed the presidency — looking to be named Attorney General, no doubt — but ultimately had no luck.

It seems that Donald sees Rudy as nothing more than a disposable asset to take the fall for him when need be, while Giuliani thinks that the sun rises and sets in Trump’s asscrack.

Good luck with that.

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